Following Federal Regulations For Diesel Exhaust Fluid

In the US, federal regulation was issued by the Environmental Protection Agency that requires the use of certain exhaust fluid. Luckily, since the regulation became law, a multitude of suppliers made changes and started providing the fluids and specialty containers for storing it. Following federal regulation for the exhaust fluid helps fleet owners manage their vehicles better.

Who Must Use the Fluid?

The federal law applies to owners of one-quarter ton and larger trucks. All fleet owners with large diesel trucks will need to follow all stipulations outlined in the regulations. The vehicles will require the exhaust fluid to pass inspections and maintain safer gas emissions levels.

How Often Should the Fluid Be Used?

The regulation defines fluid use according to how far the truck owner travels. The general rule of thumb indicates that at least 2.5 gallons of the fluid is added after the driver travels 800 miles. Any travels beyond 800 miles require the driver to keep a supply of the fluids with them.

Are There Penalties Related to Using DEF?

Yes, the value of the penalties is based on the severity of the violation. Fleet owners must have all their diesel trucks inspected for gas emissions and greenhouse effects. A failure to use the exhaust fluids as directed increases dangerous gas emissions and increases air pollution. The fleet owner faces penalties, and the Department of Transportation and/or the EPA could stop the owner from operating their vehicles.

What is the Purpose of the Regulation?

The purpose of the regulation is to protect the environment from greenhouse gases and lowering air pollution. The exhaust fluid uses the selective catalytic reduction system to convert nitrogen dioxide into water vapor. After the conversion, water vapor is released from the exhaust system, and the dangerous effects are eliminated.

In the US, the use of the fluid increases the vehicle’s horsepower and torque. Overall, the vehicles perform better and won’t require extensive maintenance. Following related federal regulations prevents the truck owners from facing severe penalties, too. Regular use of the fluids also helps the vehicle owners pass gas emissions inspections. Fleet owners who want to learn more about using diesel exhaust fluid contact a supplier now.