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Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining NAACP

The NAACP is an organization which is devoted to helping people of color. This was founded in the old days when the African Americans had few opportunities. It, therefore, helped the African Americans to go to college and get resources. In addition to this, NAACP has a long history of supporting programs, legislation and institutions that support the needs of African American people. NAACP was started in 1909, and this organization has evolved and goes on to be relevant to the African American people. Nowadays, NAACP works at the local, federal, and state levels to support its diverse concerns.

The NAACP’s mission statement usually shows a broad sense of the advantages that the African Americans derive from it. This organization does a lot to support the political, economic, educational, and social equality of rights despite the peoples color. In addition to this, NAACP also seeks to recognize, eliminate, and prevent racial discrimination and hatred. This, therefore, has helped a lot to keep all people united and in harmony.

On the other hand, this organization mission states that it helps African Americans by addressing seven different areas. These areas include access to education, criminal justice, economic empowerment, health care, civic engagement, international affairs, and the challenges of poverty. Through this initiative, African Americans usually feel comfortable and included in all areas of development compared to the old times when they never had such opportunities. It, therefore, promotes equality for all people without looking at their color, race, or origin.

Through this organization, NAACP, one can get financial help as an African American. This is to help them get as many opportunities as possible since they deserve more rights than they had in old days. As a member of NAACP, you can also apply for a scholarship of which there are chances of the same every year. Most of these financial scholarships are only made available to the organization members. Therefore, if you happen to be in campus, you only need to keep checking on these programs. You will also be advised on what you have to do when applying.

Further to this, NAACP usually helps its members in networking activities. Members of the organization benefit a lot by checking out on these events, which are only open to members. NAACP normally holds annual conferences that are attended by both college students and professional members. The conference helps members meet other professionals in the same field which you hope to work in. These professionals normally do a meet and greet with campus students across the country. There are also networking events with the alumni who come to attend some local events.

Subsequently, NAACP is known for the role of doing research, making declarations, and also printing magazines about the political concerns that affect African Americans. They also actively organize the ACT-SO, civil engagement actions, and economic empowerment campaigns which empower the African American community in gaining representation in different professions. This is usually achieved by gathering volunteers for some relevant causes such as media monitoring, health awareness campaigns and campaigns targeting youth.

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