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What To Do During Pediatric Dental Emergencies

You need to call a pediatric dental emergency service immediately when you child faces a dental emergency. Usually, pediatric dental emergency services have an emergency number to call which you should be ready with beforehand, in case your child will face one. In a pediatric dental emergency clinic, they assist when your child’s dental health is at risk. Dental emergencies do happen and when they do you should know what to do; so check out the tips below.

Your child may have bitten his lips or tongue so severely that it causes bleeding, then you need to clean the bite gently with water and use a cold compress and press firmly against the bit areas so that swelling will be reduced or avoided. You should call your pediatric dental emergency service to help determine how serious the bite is.

With a dental floss, you can take out objects caught in between your child’s teeth. You should not use metal objects, plastic or sharp objects to remove the thing stuck in between your child’s teeth. You need to call your pediatric dental emergency service in case you could not remove the object in between your child’s teeth.

Rinse the mouth with warm water if your child accidentally chips off or breaks off a piece of his tooth. Use cold compress to reduce swelling. If you can locate the fragment of the tooth that was chipped or broken off, then you should save it. Then call your pediatric dental emergency service immediately.

Keep the tooth that was completely knocked out of your child’s mouth and rinse his mouth with water. Make sure that you only touch the crown of the tooth. Bring the knocked off tooth to your pediatric dental emergency service. The tooth can still be saved.

A very loose tooth should be removed so bring your child to your pediatric dental emergency service. In order for the child not to swallow the tooth, you need to have it removed.

For toothache complaints, rinse the mouth of your child with warm water and check if there is nothing caught in between the teeth. Cold compresses should be used to ease the pain if it continues. Heat, aspirin or topical pain relievers should not be applied directly to the affected area. This can cause damage to the gums. He can take children’s pain reliever orally. Then head off to your dental emergency service.

Swelling due to a broken jaw should be reduced with a cold compress. Bring your child immediately to emergency dental clinic. Broken jaws are a result of a blow to the head. A blow on the head can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.

During dental emergencies you need to quickly call your emergency dental service or head immediately there.

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