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Serious Mistakes in Car Maintenance You Need to Avoid

Majority of people who own car know the basic maintenance required for their car to operate well and efficiently, however, there are things people ignores during their daily car checkup and can turn out to be a nightmare in near future to many people if proper attention is given. Therefore, the mechanical problems that result from daily maintenance mistakes mostly arise from lack of sufficient knowledge on various components you need to check or how to confirm whether they are in good conditions or need replacement, overconfidence, and negligence where you ignore vital signs and warnings that your car give you which need your attention but you constantly ignore the alerts. Negligence, ignorance, and overconfidence have been the leading contributors of our car maintenance mistakes that usually cost us dearly down the line, this article, therefore, has compiled a list of various common car maintenance mistakes we make and how to avoid them in the future.

The most obvious maintenance mistake car owners make is lack of keeping an inspection record and time table that schedules the next inspection, this results in irregular maintenance with things such as oil change which in most cars are replaced after a year, we ignore or forget to check tire pressure which drops over time and varies according to seasons, it is recommended you check your car tires weakly and check oil levels every month, but the emphasis is to master your car maintenance requirements and keep written records that will act as a reminder for the nest inspection to avoid unnecessary costs in future.

Most car owners are guilty of ignoring simple wears and tears of their car especially tire wears, but these wears for example tires can lead to wheel imbalance which in turn lead to break wears and eventually tear exposing you and other road users at risks, another example is the minutes crack on windshield these cracks over time grows into huge cracks forcing use to replace the whole windshield which we could have repaired easily at a low cost.

We are also guilty of ignoring warning lights of our cars, the only way a car can communicate with you is through alerts and warning lights which can be a sign something is not light with your tire pressure, oil pressure, or brake system and
need your attention, when we ignore these warnings we may end up paying high costs of gases because of frequent refueling, make excess emissions, prone to accidents, and many other dangerous things that could have been prevented by taking your car to be checked by a professional. Those are the common maintenance mistakes many car owners make.

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